BJP’s 38-party grand alliance against the Congress alliance ‘India’

Syed Azam

The war of formation of counter-alliances is going on in the political arena of India.

The war of formation of counter-alliances is going on in the political arena of India. The opposition parties have formed a 26-party alliance to counter the ruling BJP government. The Congress-led alliance was named ‘India-INDIA’ or Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance. On the contrary, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance or NDA has emerged with a larger alliance. The NDA announced the formation of a grand alliance of 38 parties in Delhi on Tuesday evening.

Indian media NDTV reports that the NDA meeting was held in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was attended by representatives of regional political parties from various states of India.

Before the start of the meeting to form the 38-party grand alliance of the BJP against the Congress alliance ‘India’, Narendra Modi made a tweet. In a tweet, he wrote, “This alliance is our long-tested alliance, which seeks to further national progress and fulfill regional aspirations.”

Although there are 38 parties in the coalition, most of them are quite small in size. These parties have very few MLAs or MPs, some parties don’t even have any. Still, the BJP has taken them with them to challenge the Congress alliance.

Ahead of the 2024 national elections, the two parties are fighting to form such an alliance. The BJP has maintained a strong position in the states of North India. On the contrary, the Congress formed an alliance with Bihar and West Bengal along with South India.

Earlier on Tuesday, Congress announced the new alliance at a press conference of 26 parties in Bengaluru after two consecutive days of meetings. Current Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge announced the name of the alliance. He said, “The name of the new alliance will be Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance or India.” Expressing optimism after the formation of the alliance, former president of Congress Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet, “India will be united again, India will win again.”

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