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Wishing everyone happiness and peace on Christmas Prayer in the church of Canada

Taslima Jamal

Christians have prayed in Canadian churches for the happiness and peace of the world on Christmas.

Christians have prayed in Canadian churches for the happiness and peace of the world on Christmas. The biggest festival of Christians in Canada is ‘Christmas’ or ‘Christmas Day’. Canadians look forward to this day all year round. Before the start of the day, the festival is organized throughout the month of December.

Local time in Canada, the church was packed on Sunday. People from different classes and professions attended the church and prayed for happiness and peace for the people of the world.

Anthony Jacob told Samakal, this year we prayed to God for happiness and peace for the entire world. Christmas means new spirit and liberation. May we live well in a struggling world, this is our prayer.

Dr. Ashwin Ramani, pastor of Calgary’s Center Street Church, said that the birthday of Jesus is significant not only for the Christian community, but also for mankind. Jesus Christ throughout his life preached the ideals of service to humanity, sacrifice and peace. He invited everyone to forget enmity and embrace peace, harmony and humanity. Jesus Christ showed the way of light to the lost.

On the other hand, Canada is decorated with festive and colorful arrangements around Christmas. The holiday season has begun. Various institutions and houses have been decorated with lights. Overcrowding has been seen in shopping complexes. Family celebrations are going on. Expatriate Bangladeshis also joined this Christmas festival.

Expatriate Bengalis are enjoying the joyous festival around Christmas. The most significant aspect of Christmas is the exchange of gifts between loved ones. Bonded by secret peace and intense love, they share the joy of Christmas.

Shanta Claus is the ultimate attraction for young children and teenagers. Adults also rejoice in the joy of children and teenagers. After coming out of the monotony of the busy work life of the whole year, he got together with his family and celebrated the joyous Christmas festival.

It should be noted that on this day more than two thousand years ago, the great man Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was born in a cowshed in Bethlehem near Jerusalem. Jesus appeared on earth to bring people immersed in violence, hatred, injustice and wickedness to the right path. Since then, the followers of Christianity have been observing this day as ‘Christmas’ or ‘Christmas Day’.

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