Tune-In and Ring Those Phones for TeleMiracle Week

Logan D Suza

On 19th February, Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Don McMorris and the Kinsmen, Kinettes and Kin Clubs of Saskatchewan announced TeleMiracle Week begins Sunday, February 19 and culminates Saturday, February 25 when the 47th edition of the telethon gets underway.

“Thanks to the good will and generosity of our province’s people, TeleMiracle is one of the many annual Saskatchewan events that brings everyone together for a greater purpose,” McMorris said. “I encourage everyone to support this wonderful fundraiser by tuning into watch the telethon and let your family, friends and neighbours know to ‘ring those phones’ to donate to a great cause for Saskatchewan residents.”

The fund-raiser starts at 6:15 p.m., Sat., Feb. 25 with the Countdown to TeleMiracle streamed live on the website At 9 p.m. that same day, the live television broadcast begins on CTV throughout Saskatchewan and Lloydminster and continues until 5 p.m. on Sun., Feb. 26.

“TeleMiracle has been rooted in Saskatchewan for 47 years,” TeleMiracle 47 Chair Scott Lamb said. “We are proud to carry on this tradition that helps so many people all across this province, year after year.”

The Kinsmen Foundation provides specialized mobility and medical equipment to people and organizations throughout the province, as well as travel assistance for residents in need of vital medical treatment outside their home community.

Beside calling in pledges during the telethon broadcast, donations can also be made anytime online at

Under provincial legislation, TeleMiracle Week in Saskatchewan is declared before the annual telethon. The Recognition of Telemiracle Week Act is overseen by the Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission.

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