The play ‘A pair of shoes’ is going to be staged in Toronto

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The play ‘A pair of shoes’ produced by Toronto Theater Folks is going to be staged in Toronto, Canada.

The play ‘A pair of shoes’ produced by Toronto Theater Folks is going to be staged in Toronto, Canada.

The play is going to be staged at Toronto’s Fairview Library Theater Hall on February 25 at 4:30 pm. The play was directed by Imamul Haque.

They want to present their own ideas to the audience in the aesthetic presentation of ‘one pair of shoes’ real events. Throughout the body of this drama Kushilava finds a pair of shoes. Through this search, they are looking for their past, present and future!

At the end of the play, the audience will also join the search, this is their belief! One of the most popular Bangladeshi playwrights, novelists, theater directors, Masum Reza has been associated with the composition of the play with such an initiative to practice drama in exile. However, the original drama was written by renowned poet and dramatist Mehrab Rahman and directed by Imamul Haque. Accompanying music was provided by eminent composer Ashikuzzaman Tulu and background work was handled by Nayan Hafiz and many others. Prominent dramatist Mahmudul Islam Salim has played a significant role in the production of the play as an advisory director!

Producing plays abroad is very challenging. Without good scripts and dedicated actors on the one hand and audience and patrons on the other hand, the spectacular work of theater fades away. A key component of drama is the audience. The goal of various techniques in drama staging is one – to make it enjoyable for the audience! New ideas are created in their minds. So if the audience’s pulse is connected with the theme of the drama, then the task becomes quite easy

The main theme of the play is taken from the real life experience of the director! Speaking about the play, director Imamul Haque said, every person’s life has ups and downs! As it appears in time, it fades again with time! But there are some events which can never be fully shared with anyone, but have to carry the burden or the pain for the rest of their lives! The story of the drama ‘A Pair of Shoes’ is based on such an incident!”

He added, “This is a ‘surrealistic absurd drama!'” Therefore, as the audience will be entertained by the play, they will also be enlightened.”

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