India warns of applying Newton’s law on Canada

Taslima Jamal

External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar named Canada as the biggest problem for India.

External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar named Canada as the biggest problem for India. He also warned that every action has an equal and opposite reaction like Newton’s law.

He made this threat in an interview given to Asian News Agency (ANI) on Sunday (May 5).

The warning came a day after three Indian nationals were arrested in Canada for their alleged involvement in the killing of Khalistan movement leader Hardeep Singh Nijja.

Jaishankar said, Canada is the biggest problem for us at the moment. Because the party in power in Canada today and other parties have given a certain legitimacy to the advocates of such extremism, separatism and violence in the name of freedom of speech. When you tell them something, their answer is – No, we are a democratic country and there is freedom of speech.

He said there will be a reaction against what is happening there (Canada). Newton’s law also applies to politics. What they need to understand is that the world is no longer a one-way street. If something happens there, there will be a reaction. The laws of Newton’s law will apply there too. A response will be countered or countered by others.

Jaishankar has slammed Canada for issuing visas to those involved in the organized movement in Punjab, calling them people from ‘gangland’.

He said, ‘The truth is that they are gangland people; Many people involved in crime from Punjab have been welcomed to Canada. We told Canada, look these are criminals from India, you gave them visas.

S Jaishankar points out that many of these people from India travel to Canada with false documents but are allowed to stay there.

At the time, he slammed the Justin Trudeau-led government for continuing to grant visas to Canada for people involved in crimes for political purposes, saying the country was legitimizing “extremism, separatism and advocates of violence” in the name of free speech.

In June last year, Hardeep Singh Nizza was killed by gunmen in Surrey, Canada.

Canada has accused the Indian government of involvement in the killing, but New Delhi has denied the allegations as baseless.

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