Saskatchewan Proclaims June as Parks and Recreation Month

Abdur Rahman Khan

The Saskatchewan Province and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association have collaborated to make June “Parks and Recreation Month” and to celebrate in Saskatchewan. This initiative has gained national recognition.

According to Parks, Culture, and Sport Minister Laura Ross, “recreation is so important, it helps strengthen volunteer networks, builds community pride, and engages residents in community development across the province.” We want to encourage residents of Saskatchewan to make the most of the summer weather and take advantage of the many wonderful parks and outdoor recreation facilities that are available to them.

The leadership, assistance, and services provided by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) help residents of Saskatchewan benefit from recreational activities. SPRA invites everyone to celebrate Parks and Recreation Month and take advantage of the numerous activities that enhance Saskatchewan’s high standard of living.

Jody Boulet, president of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, stated, “Let’s celebrate the important contributions that local, regional, and provincial parks and open spaces make to our communities this June.” Not only does this celebration highlight the splendor of our natural areas, but it also emphasizes how crucial it is to preserve them for future generations.”

The parks and recreation delivery system funded by the Sask Lotteries offers residents and visitors thousands of recreational opportunities. This incorporates the Provincial Park Pass Loaning System, which awards free admittance to Saskatchewan’s local parks, through an organization between SPRA, the Saskatchewan Library Affiliation and the Saskatchewan Territorial Parks Affiliation.

A renewed lottery distribution agreement was signed in May by the Government of Saskatchewan, Sask Sport, SaskCulture, and SPRA, continuing a long-standing and fruitful partnership. Continues from Sask Lotteries support a large number of game, culture and entertainment projects, administrations and drives all through the territory.

Over 12,000 organizations in the province that promote sports, culture, and recreation receive funding from the Sask Lotteries.

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