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Samiha of North South University in Canada’s satellite research team

Abdur Rahman Khan

Samiha graduated in Electronics and Communication from North South University, Dhaka

Students of the University of New Brunswick in Canada have created an artificial satellite called Violet, whose main task will be to collect information about the weather. Bangladeshi girl Samiha Lubaba Khan was in this team. How did Samiha, who graduated in Electronics and Communication from Dhaka’s North South University, get involved in this project?

Goodbye Violet
November 25, 2023. Dr. moving from New Brunswick to Quebec in Canada. Brent Petersen and his team. Samiha is also in this team. They will hand over the satellite named Violet to the Canadian Space Agency. After passing the tests, Violet will be sent to space from there. It will go into Earth’s orbit via the International Space Station.

Violet will ride a rocket into orbit. It needs a vibration test to see if it will work properly when handling the shocks of the road. Or whether Violet actually fits the size of the rocket or not, that will also be tested. If it is a little here and there, the journey is cancelled. Some tests were done earlier. Still want to pass the Canadian Space Agency final exam.

Violet passed all the tests within two or three days. Samihad’s team handed him over to the Canadian Space Agency. Violet is now ready to go into space. Pride mixed with relief among all of the team. But also a little upset. Why?

Violet is no longer with us. Just thinking about it, I was getting a little upset.

Like a sci-fi movie
Samiha joined the Violet Satellite development team in August 2023. About 500 students from various educational institutions in the province of New Brunswick were involved in this project at one level or another.

The CubeSat project is funded by the Canadian Space Agency. There will be one satellite for each Canadian province. Students will make. The aim of the project was to encourage them to work in space science in the future. Almost all satellites of several provinces have gone into space. Violet left early in March.

Samiha will never forget the day she first joined the Canadian Space Agency. Its location is in the Saint Hubert area of ​​Quebec. You have to walk from a long distance from the car.

I entered after several stages of checking. The space agency, as seen in the movies, is exactly that. But I was still wondering when Violet would be handed over. On the second day, I saw astronauts walking around somewhere. We are told that Violet is failing fairly well in all tests. Today we were shown around the space agency. I saw that there is direct communication with various satellites. Data is captured on a single monitor. I saw an astronaut wearing a space suit. “Canadian journalists also came,” said Samiha. Several media including Canada’s CBC have reported on this.

From fairy tales to space
After graduation from North South, Samiha worked in a private company for some time. Then went to Canada to study electrical engineering.

Samihar is aware of the only satellite of Bangladesh. However, there is some regret about this, “in Canada, satellites are being sent from every province.” Only one for our country. Maybe we will see a few more satellites in the future.

Started reading books with Humayun Ahmed’s novels and ‘Three Detectives’. Later Samiha turned to Greek mythology. ‘It would have been very nice to read what there is about planets and stars. The interest in space may have started from there. I used to read fairy tales too. Then I started working and understanding them. I like to see the sky.

Researching multifunctional satellite communication. Will be focused on this after Violet. He also wants to become an astronaut. “I am willing to take whatever mental and physical preparation it takes,” he said.

Settling in Canada or moving to space, Samiha also thinks about one more thing – to work back in Bangladesh. Sometimes it seems impossible to leave father Rafiqul Islam Khan, mother Salma Khan and two sisters. A few days ago, he traveled from Bangladesh.

Love for Violet
Now Samiha’s first task is to try to establish contact with Violet. It is supposed to be placed in orbit and start sending data soon. However, contact could not be made until the beginning of May. The satellite is supposed to orbit New Brunswick. Violet will remain in the sky for one and a half to two years. He will get a response any day. We are waiting for that,’ said Samiha.

This engineer loves to see the stars in the distant sky. They will buy an open-top car and travel around in leisure, such is the future plan. Violet may become space junk or ‘space junk’ on that day. But Samiha will remember about Violet.

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