Punjabis are worried about going to study in Canada

Sathia Kumar

India and Canada relations have cooled recently after the killing of Khalistan movement’s separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

The bitterness of India-Canada relations is affecting the Sikh community of Punjab. Such is the message given by Sikhs. Moreover, they will also be stopped from going to Canada in search of education and a better life. The matter has come up in the news of the German press Deutsche Welle.

India and Canada relations have cooled recently after the killing of Khalistan movement’s separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged that India was involved in the murder. However, the Delhi authorities have denied the allegation.

According to the news, Hardeep went to Canada from Bharasingpura in Punjab 25 years ago and settled there as a citizen. His uncle Himmat Singh Nijjar, 79, from Bharasingpura said, ‘Local people think Trudeau has done a very brave thing. He has taken a huge risk for the common man.

He also said, ‘Almost all the families here want to send their children to Canada. Now the condition of cultivation is bad.

Meanwhile, there are now 320,000 Indian students in Canada. 19-year-old Gursimran Singh said at the Golden Temple square in Amritsar, “Our fear is that if the Indian government stops it, Canada will not give them visas.” Everyone comes to this Golden Temple to express their gratitude after getting student visas. The then Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi sent troops to confront the separatists from this Golden Temple premises. Later he had to lose his life at the hands of two Sikh bodyguards.

The news also said that the relations of the Sikh farmers’ organization with the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are also not very warm. Because, as a result of their year-long agitation, Modi had to cancel three agricultural laws. Sandeep Singh, 31, from Bharasingpura said, “The Modi government has created an atmosphere of fear. This is what the youth is thinking.

He also said, “If we protest and demonstrate, the family members get scared. They think that their children will be like Nijjar.

“Those who are fighting for Khalistan are fighting for self-determination and referendum in Punjab,” said Kanwar Pal, political secretary of the extremist party Khalsa. India considers these Sikhs as enemies and has been targeting them.

But the BJP spokesperson did not want to respond to this allegation. However, senior BJP leaders said that the people of Punjab are not supporters of Khalistan. Such claims are dangerous for India. They claim that what Modi has done for the Sikhs, no one has done before.

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