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Taslima Jamal

To reach the pinnacle of success, one has to evaluate the power within oneself.

To reach the pinnacle of success, one has to evaluate the power within oneself. Assessing your strengths is the first step to developing yourself. Self-assessment helps me understand what I’m qualified for, how I can get there, and how I can be successful. For this it is necessary to imbibe – to awaken the power within oneself by meditating. Remember that all external forces are within us. No matter how dark a seedling is kept, it will bend towards the light. By gathering strength from nature he makes himself fit to struggle with natural adversity. This is the religion of the living world. No matter how small the creature is, it has the power to fight against nature.

He who always thinks of himself is selfish but he who is satisfied with himself is never selfish. He is self-absorbed. His self-fulfillment will benefit the society. Even if he does not run away with the society, he will show the people of the society the way to freedom. Don’t trade with him unnecessarily, don’t be sold to anyone at an unduly cheap price; Always understand your worth and evaluate yourself correctly. Chat with yourself – open up and ask yourself questions and open up and answer your own questions.

Laugh at your own happiness and cry at your own sorrow. Never share your thoughts with others. The other will gamble with your thoughts, because he has no thoughts of his own – he has not evaluated himself properly, so he survives by stealing the thoughts of others. He who wanders around the world has no world of his own, no thought of his own. He is selfish – he lives by stealing the rights of others. They are enemies of the society, because they cannot do anything themselves, so they do not allow others to do anything, while promoting themselves by playing damama. The true sage is anti-propaganda.

Always beware of fakes. Keep the real you alive. Never mix original with fake. Save the value of yourself, save the value of everyone, save the value of the society. If you live, everyone else will live. If you listen to everyone, you won’t recognize yourself. So listen to your heartbeat. Discover yourself at least once a day.

Everyone can grow if he wants to grow, if he feels the urge to grow from his heart. Love yourself and blend in with yourself. Don’t forget yourself in loving a friend. You are your own greatest friend. And the one you think is a friend, he is jealous of you. Be good at your own merits, then we will all be good.

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