One day in Sajek Valley, the kingdom of clouds

Abdur Rahman Khan

How terrible beauty can be, maybe I would never understand if I had never been dressed?

How terrible beauty can be, maybe I would never understand if I had never been dressed?

From Khagrachari Sadar, I traveled as far as I could in Chander’s car. It gave birth to an equally thrilling feeling in my mind. And the crooked path on the roof of Chander’s car and the rhythmic rhythm of the high and low spiral path increased the thirst to reach Sajek. Thus, with a new feeling, I climbed up to the seventeen hundred feet high Ruilui.

With evergreen hills where clouds span the vast sky. It seemed that I could not touch the cloud. Rather, the clouds are touching me every moment. An unknown happiness plays in the mind. Dusk falls on the helipad. On one side the sun sets and on the other side the arrival of the full moon. The blood red sun went down and Apoorva Sandhya wrapped her arms around Saje. Bewitched me by the beautiful full moon.

Kanglak hill is a little far from the helipad. I reached the long-awaited hill after crossing some path. Small bamboo kanchis are available to climb there. A little steep hill had to be climbed through it. In this way I climbed to the top of Kanglak. About 3600 feet high. I felt like a brave person then.

The morning sun rises and the sound of the wind blows all around. And the view of cotton-like clouds flying. So much beauty really cannot be expressed without seeing. You must dress up for that. Enjoy the combination of natural beauty.

The cortege had to return after sunrise. Finished breakfast there. I packed my bags and left for Khagrachari by 10:30. Saje was fondly remembering the great times she had when she arrived. Regret was in the corner of the mind to spend some more time. Therefore, even for a little time, the light of sadness in the heart was cut in the heart.

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