Only 5 seconds need to fall in love: Researchers

A person of love is a person of heart – whose just one photo kept drawn in mind. Then suddenly meeting someone like that one day, the mind eventually says “Yes, this is the one; The one I am looking for”.

You will be surprised to know the researchers’ remarks about falling in love. “As per physiology, it takes only 5 seconds to fall in love,” according to a report published in the ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’.

However, there are exceptions – it is not the same rule that applies to everyone.

Important information has also been revealed about those who have been researched. According to psychologists, getting to know and know two completely different people, curiosity about the same thing, their preferences, and tastes — all this can lead to a relationship. In that case, the whole thing is time-consuming.

Besides, in many cases, some of them are influenced by other couples as well. They want to compare and see if the progress of their relationship is moving along the usual path.

Source: Anandabazar Patrika

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