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Olivia Chow continues to widen her lead over the other candidates : Poll

Taslima Jamal

With just three weeks remaining in the campaign, the most recent poll in the Toronto mayoral race suggests that Olivia Chow continues to extend her lead over the other candidates.

The most recent survey conducted by Liaison Strategies places Chow at 35% support among those who have already made up their minds, an increase of five points from the company’s previous survey, which was conducted a week ago.

While Mitzie Hunter dropped three points to 11%, Ana Bailao dropped one point to 9%, and Brad Bradford dropped three points to 7% support, support for Mark Saunders (14%) and Josh Matlow (11%) remained unchanged from last week.

Anthony Furey, who increased three points to 6% support, was the only candidate who saw a gain besides Chow.

According to the poll, the candidates’ fortunes did little to improve after a high-profile debate last week in which the majority of them attacked Chow over her tax policy.

A day later, a second debate was scheduled to take place at OCAD University; however, the event was postponed due to a violent threat made by an armed suspect who was later apprehended.

In addition, the percentage of voters who were undecided decreased from 27% a week earlier to 21% this time around.

Over the weekend, candidates began distributing their signs, raising awareness of the campaign as it enters its final weeks.

The advance voting period is scheduled to begin on June 8 and last until June 13.

Another survey delivered Monday additionally showed Chow augmenting her lead, putting her as high as 38% help among chose citizens.

The Contact survey studied 1,287 Toronto electors by telephone over June 3-4. 19 times out of 20, it has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.73 percentage points.

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