New Democrats are the only ones in Ottawa fighting to put money back in families’ pockets

Logan D Suza

While the Liberals have to be forced to do anything, and the Conservatives want to do nothing, New Democrats are delivering dental care and sending money back to Canadians dealing with inflation

OTTAWA – For months, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has been pushing the Liberal government to work for people dealing with the rising cost of living. While the price of groceries, gas and rent has soared and Canadians’ wages have stayed the same, the Liberal government has stayed silent on ways to help people make ends meet and the Conservatives think we should do nothing. Today, as the House of Commons resumes for the fall session, New Democrats are focused on putting money back in people’s pockets and helping kids get their teeth checked.

“Families are struggling to make ends meet while billionaires and corporations are making record profits. While we’re paying more on our grocery and gas bills, rich CEOs have never made more money. Corporate profits are rising twice as fast as inflation, while wages are only rising half as fast,” said Singh. “After seven years in power, Justin Trudeau is out of touch with the reality of working families trying to get by. And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives don’t think your family deserves help. New Democrats are the only ones in Ottawa fighting to put money back in your pocket.”

The NDP is delivering dental care to families with children under 12 with $650 a year, per child, to get their teeth fixed, delivering $500 to two million Canadians to help them pay their rent and giving twelve million Canadians back the increase they’ve paid for GST on their bills. But this isn’t enough. New Democrats will continue to fight to give workers and their families respect and better wages.

“Families are playing by the rules, doing everything right, but still can’t get ahead,” said Singh. “The Liberals move mountains to help rich CEOs making a fortune off Canadians, but they have let working people fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives aren’t interested in the fights that help your family. During this cost-of-living crisis, both the Conservatives and Liberals said no to making big oil companies and big box stores pay what they owe to help families cope with the high cost of living. New Democrats don’t work for the ultra-rich and powerful. I had to fight to get where I am. And it’s what drives me to fight for you – to help your kids with dental care, to help your family budget, and to help you get ahead.”

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