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Morning Walk

Patrick D Costa

It’s been a long time. Nature is not spoken to.

It’s been a long time. Nature is not spoken to. It seems that the mind is disturbed to talk. How a storm is blowing in the mind. The thoughts are turned upside down, the memories are tangled in such a way that I can’t understand how to think about nature beyond the tangles.

So, I decided to take an early morning walk with Imran, Ragib, and Lovely. On holidays we went out for a walk.

I was walking along the road covered with black pitch. It was not yet dawn. The sun is preparing to shine under the blue sky. The mind became soft. Looking at the unique light of dawn.

It has rained somewhere far away. I am feeling comfortable with the slight chill in the south wind. This kind of feeling cannot be explained in writing. You have to feel it in reality.

The trees touching the sky on the other side of the road are shedding their leaves according to the rules of nature, and before the onset of monsoon, the leafless branches are filled with leaves.

Our walk became pleasant in the ceremony of Kanchi leaves. The soft leaves flutter in the gentle breeze. The leaves are so thin that even a light breeze cannot blow. It is impossible for me to describe the beauty of the color of this cut leaf. This color is mind-blowing, eye-catching. It is as if the leaves are falling apart. Ahlad is giving out his body.

We saw such a species, evergreen in nature. It seems that this tree does not have the nature to shed all its leaves in any season. Looking at the tree, my mind was full. The tree is full of green leaves from the root to the head.

We left the pitched road and entered Chandraima Udyan. As my body got tired from walking, I sat on the concrete bench on the green grass and went back to those evergreen days of two centuries ago.

In the month of Falgun Chaitra, can you ever forget the music of Rakhalia’s bass in the wood-burning sun? Jhira, the wife of the house, through the rest of the fence of the house, raised her ears and listened with fascination to the voice of the Rakhalia. The royal daughter also left the house in love with the tune. I heard the story from my grandparents, I have not forgotten it. Rakhaliya Bashi’s tune may never be heard again. However!

We were mesmerized by the sound of spring cuckoo. Chandrima Udyan is full of mind-blowing natural beauty. Seeing such a mesmerizing scene, the body and mind became mad. I followed the cuckoo. Searching here and there, I found Chandrima Udyan, sitting on the top of a tall tree, humming with its routine call. This call is full of confusion. It’s like a cuckoo who has lost a mate is calling for a mate in a sad voice.

This attraction grabs our attention. We are also looking for his partner. Avoiding our eyes, where the blink of an eye is lost!

I didn’t notice that it went behind a leaf. Our waiting turn started. As we waited, our waiting turn ended. His angry voice started coming from the garden next door. This is the tone that says it. Don’t try to find me. There will be no benefit. This means that the cuckoo is a clever and lazy bird. If not, the eggs in the house of others!

After spending so much time chasing the cuckoo, we were panting. A little tea would be nice. Seeing a tong house in the distance, I left for tea. A plastic canopy beside the tong provides seating for the thirsty travelers. Canopy over head open all around. I pulled the chair with my own hands and sat down. Our body and mind were happy in the breeze.

A small plastic canopy under the big sky. The swaying trees on all sides, are shining green. We are mesmerized by the melody of the wind. The joy of our morning tour, the unique beauty of nature was very enjoyable.

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