One month in Canada

Arafat Rahman

Canada’s National Flag

The year was 2015. October is the month. I was then staying in Canada, the land of dreams. At that time, I was filled with pride just thinking about it. To shed some light on that memorable life, I am holding this lotus today. Now, of course, it would be wrong to hold the pen, because the era of the pen has ended long ago. Now you have to write on the computer.

Anyway, I have had an addiction to travel since childhood. I used to travel when I got time. Be it at home or abroad. However, it is not that I have been able to travel much in spite of various adversities. After that it is not easy for me to travel to 5 countries of the world including Canada. I started traveling abroad from 2010. In 2010, I first went to Bangkok to do a development education course by Aku. After that I went on a trip to Malaysia and Singapore at the same time. I first went to Malaysia on Malendo Airways.

I went to Malaysia and had breakfast with a Bengali elder brother in the morning. Later depart for Singapore by road. Singapore is the country next to Malaysia. I was able to go to Singapore easily because I had a Singaporean visa. In Singapore I stayed overnight at my elder brother’s house in Marina Bay. Big brother took me to do marketing in Mustafa. After spending the night at my elder brother’s house, I left for Malaysia again in the morning. After coming to Malaysia, I returned to Dhaka again on that Malendo Airways. After that I went to Darjeeling in India with my family. This is a short picture of my trip abroad.

After that I thought I would go to London to study. So began the usual effort. But the London visa did not come. But I did not stop. I have to go abroad. Admission war started again. I applied to Cody International Institute in Canada. Kodi International Institute gave me offer letter. The offer letter contained a provision to send 2000 Canadian dollars to Cody International Institute. I became worried about sending money abroad. I talked to a few banks. They told me, you have to open Student File, etc., etc.

I was upset. Anyway, I met Mr. Pralay Deepak D Rezario in Janata Bank in one morning. went to his chamber and appeared. I went to him and explained the matter. He then personally arranged for me to send 2000 Canadian dollars to Kodi from Janata Bank. I am thankful to him for this. Then it was time to collect the documents. I have taken certificates from all the societies in which I am a member. After that I submitted to Dhaka for Canadian visa. I was not sure whether I would get a visa or not. Because my solvency was not very good. Then I was issued a visa from Singapore. I was very happy then.

I left for Canada. First from Dhaka to Combing. Combing to Beijing. Going to Beijing was a setback. Nothing will drop me from the airport there. They are suspicious. Because my visa was a student visa. This may have been done to me because my age did not match with the visa. Anyway, after seeing all my documents, I was cleared. Then I went to Toronto on China Eastern from Beijing. I went straight to Sales Drive from Toronto. Mr. there. Went up to Leo de Costa’s house. Be my brother about him. I stayed at his house for 3/4 days.

Kodi is located in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is about 350/400 miles from Toronto. Time difference from Toronto to Nova Scotia is about 1 hour. At first I thought I would go to Nova Scotia by plane. After thinking about the budget, I went to Navaskusia on Bye Road. Transportation from Toronto to Nova Scotia is very good. I boarded one bus after another and immediately went to Kodi International Institute in Navakshaya. One thing I was surprised to see there was that the big buses were being driven by women. After going to Cody handed me a card. This card was the only hope then. Card to get out of the house, card at the time of entry, card at the time of meal. Started my course on Kodi. I enjoyed it very much. There were participants from many countries. Many countries including India, Egypt, Brazil, Ethiopia participated.

The training system there was a participatory system. That is to say, the speech/opinion was sought from all the participants with a topic. I like the system very much. Training in our country is one way. That is, one says, everyone listens. Training abroad is versatile. Not one says there, everyone participates. After successfully completing my training in Cody, I moved to Bablu Costa’s house in Toronto. Then it was the turn of the Bengalis to eat dawat at home. I have almost forgotten how many houses I have been invited to.

While there I mr. Mukut Costa, Mr. Pradeep Stanley Gomez, Mr. Deepak F. Palma, Mr. Prince John Gomez, Mr. Sentu B. Gomez, Mr. Samar Gomez, Mr. Swapan Gilbert Gomez, Mr. Shyamal Rosario, Mr. I have been to the homes of many others including Richard (Nagri) and enjoyed their hospitality. I saw there the Bengalis staying earnestly and in groups. I like to see. After about a month, I returned to the country in November.

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