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“Kill” 16 people at a reckless speed! Indian truck driver deported from Canada

Arafat Rahman

He ‘murdered’ 16 people by hitting the bus.

He ‘murdered’ 16 people by hitting the bus. That Indian truck driver has been ‘deported’ by Canada. Note that this Indian got permanent residence permit in Canada.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was the main accused in the tragic accident in 2018. A complaint against Jaskirat, a truck driver by profession, that he continued the truck despite receiving the signal to stop the vehicle. His truck hit a bus standing on the roadside. 16 people in the bus died. 13 others were injured. Note that the bus belonged to a junior hockey team. Most of the dead are minors.

After the tragic accident, the family members of the deceased demanded that Jaskirat be deported from Canada. After a long legal battle, a special court finally ordered Jaskirat to leave Canada on Friday. Although he had received permission to live in Canada long ago. According to Jaskirat’s lawyer, the court was able to decide to deport him so easily because he is not a citizen of Canada.

It should be noted that the Canadian court has rejected Jaskirat’s application several times before. Jaskirat also sought a reconsideration of the deportation decision, claiming that he had no criminal record against him in the past. But there was no response to his request. As a result of this court ruling, Jaskirat lost the right to permanent residence. However, it will take some time to complete his eviction process. Incidentally, India-Canada bilateral relations have practically reached rock bottom since last September. Will the expulsion of Jaskirat add fuel to the fire?

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