International Efforts Pay Off as Exports to Mexico Reach Record $1 Billion

Patrick D Costa

In 2022, for the first time in provincial history Saskatchewan’s trade to Mexico has exceeded $1 billion.

“We’re sharing Saskatchewan’s story around the world, and the world is listening,” Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Advancing Saskatchewan’s trade interests while strengthening existing partnerships benefits all of Saskatchewan. As an export-dependent province, this work is integral to grow our economy, create jobs and drive growth that works for everyone.”

Exports to Mexico highlight our strong agriculture capacity, with agri-food exports accounting for over 97 per cent of total exports. Canola oil, canola seed and non-durum wheat make up the top three exports. Canola seed made up 54.5 per cent of total exports to Mexico, with a total value of over $557 million.

The single biggest increase was canola oil, exports of which were up over 79 per cent over 2021. Over $206 million of canola oil was exported to Mexico, making up 20.2 per cent of all exports. Growth in canola oil exports will increase with investment in canola crushing plants throughout Saskatchewan, part of $13.6 billion in new private investment overall.

Saskatchewan’s 2030 Growth Plan includes increasing value-added agriculture revenue to $10 billion, and canola oil exports continue to be a driver of that goal. Canola oil was also Saskatchewan’s top value-added agri-food export overall, with $3.5 billion in exports in 2022. The growth plan also calls for increasing the number of countries where Saskatchewan exports over $1 billion.

Saskatchewan’s international office in Mexico City opened in 2022 and is a key part to growing Saskatchewan’s exports. Having a local team on the ground working alongside Saskatchewan exporters has proven invaluable.

“Our province continues to have what the world needs, a consistent and reliable supply of sustainable agri-food products,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said. “These strong numbers show that trade and investment offices have expanded our international networks and helped increase the value of our exports.”

Saskatchewan’s total exports have grown by more than $20 billion since 2012. Along with Mexico City, the province has established international offices in China, India, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and is opening an office in Germany later this year.

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