How to stay healthy in Ramadan

Logan D Suza

How to stay healthy in Ramadan

The glorious and holy month of Ramadan is going on. According to the decree of Almighty Allah, all the devout Muslims of the world are fasting from sunrise to sunset in this holy month. One should always take care to keep the body healthy by fasting. All fasts can be kept without any problem by following some rules and eating necessary food.

1. Devotees fast all day and eat dates with Iftar. It is a traditional dish of Iftar. Which the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to eat during Iftar. Dates are rich in fiber. Which is very beneficial for health.

2. To stay healthy, you should eat vegetables and carbohydrate food at Sehri. Such as white rice or flour bread and skinless chicken breast. Do not fast without Sehri. Because the food eaten at Sehri provides energy to the body until Iftar.

3. Make sure that the body gets enough water. For this you have to drink a lot of water. Also try to eat homemade soups, vegetables and fruits like cucumber, lettuce, tomato and watermelon at Sehri and Iftar.

4. Avoid eating sweets at Iftar. Cakes, sweets made from milk, soft drinks and fruit juices should be avoided. Along with sweets, salty foods should also be avoided during Ramadan.

5. Food should be eaten very slowly. Because eating fast food can cause heartburn and discomfort. In the evening you have to keep yourself busy with various activities. Like running or jogging.

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