Five ways to stay strong by fasting

Syed Azam

It is very important to keep yourself cool while fasting.

1. Susam Sehri: Choosing a Susam Sehri for fasting is very important. Eating nutritious food during Sehri is very helpful in breaking the fast throughout the day. Eating carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables will keep the body strong. Salty and highly fried foods should be avoided in Sehri. Bread, brown rice, eggs, avocados, cheese, yogurt and bananas help keep the body healthy. Apart from this, adequate amount of water should also be consumed during Sehri.

2. Light exercise: The first few days of fasting are a little tiring. But it can be overcome with light exercise. For this reason, moving the body, taking short walks and short breathing exercises will work well.

3. Set a time for sleep: During the fast, Muslims do the usual tasks at night. But if possible you should go to sleep early. Or set a specific time for sleep.

4. Keep yourself cool: It is very important to keep yourself cool while fasting. Sometimes the temperature rises. Try to stay in a cool place during this time. Besides, care should be taken whether others are suffering from dehydration or not.

5. Connect with others: Connecting with others is a very effective way to keep the body and mind healthy. If you want to fast, you can recite the Qur’an with friends or family members. Besides, talking or discussing with the neighbors after the prayer will also be very beneficial.

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