Hiring technology in cyber security is a risk to the country: Palak

Sathia Kumar

He said, no one in the world can say that cyber security is 100% safe.

State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the cyber security of the country should not require hired technology or assistance from abroad. Because it is very risky. So we have to build our own strength.

He said this in his speech as the chief guest at the Bangladesh Cyber Security Summit at La Meridien Hotel in the capital on Tuesday (March 5).

The state minister said that no country wants to use hired military forces for its defense, so Bangladesh will not use any hired technology in cyber security or protection. Dependence on foreign countries to ensure national cyber security in the country’s banking, telecom and power sectors is risky. That’s why we are working on creating new tools for our own cyber security experts and technology.

He said, no one in the world can say that cyber security is 100% safe. But we have come a long way in increasing capacity, efficiency and awareness. In recent times there are major attacks to steal data and slowly data is becoming valuable as well as money. Now we need to pay more attention to data security. That is why we are moving towards enacting the Personal Data Protection Act.

Mentioning the need for international coordination to ensure cyber security, he further said that the cyber attack that Bangladesh Bank suffered in 2016 was not attacked by cyber criminals from one country. They steal money from Bangladesh and take it to another country. We have given guidelines to every important information infrastructure organization to avoid such major losses. Training them on what technical capabilities they need. Besides, we are cooperating for technical development.

Palak said, in the future, increasing the awareness of cyber security or bringing foreign technology to Bangladesh is not only, but creating the business potential of startups with cyber security in the future. Bangladesh Cyber Summit will be organized every year.

Vice Chairman of Idea Foundation, Co-Chairman of Smart Bangladesh Network, former Chief Secretary, Member of Parliament also spoke on the occasion. Abul Kalam Azad and World Bank consultant Hussain A Samad and many others.

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