Mamata takes Legal action on that video, what did Modi say?

Arshad Khan

A lot of sarcasm is spread on social media in the polling field.

A lot of sarcasm is spread on social media in the polling field. Many opponents create different meme videos about political leaders. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have been included in a dance video that has gone viral for a few days now. This meme was originally created following a video of American rapper Lil Yachty entering the stage.

Mamata is upset about this and said that legal action will be taken. Several netizens have been sent police notices for sharing such memes about Mamata.

Such posts may create disciplinary problems, the notice reads. Legal action will be taken if the video is not removed immediately.

But on the other hand, Modi saw himself dancing, what did the Prime Minister say?

An X handle user named Krishna shared a meme video about Modi and wrote, Sharing this video because dictator don’t arrest me for it.

Re-tweeting the video, Modi wrote, “Like all of you, I am enjoying my own dance video. Sharing three smiley emojis with it, Modi wrote, “This type of post gives joy during elections.”

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