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Doug Ford renews promise to permit beer, wine sales in Ontario general stores

Sathia Kumar

A campaign promise made by Premier Doug Ford in 2018 to sell beer and wine in Ontario convenience stores that has essentially remained frozen for the past five years appears to be coming back to life.

When a reporter inquired about the delay, Ford responded that his government has not abandoned the plan and would “fulfill that promise” at a separate news conference on Monday.

“We want to ensure that there’s lager and wine sold in the huge retailers … and the general stores,” Portage said. ” We must provide the customer with convenience.

Portage made the guarantee to carry specific cocktails to corner stores across Ontario during his most memorable commonplace political race.

The provincial government passed a bill in 2019 to end the 10-year agreement with The Beer Store, which stopped the store from expanding in 2015.

The Master Framework Agreement required Molson Coors, Labatt Brewing Company (Anheuser-Busch), and Sleeman Breweries (Sapporo Breweries), The Beer Store’s three owners, to invest $100 million in the business, which included upgrading all 450 storefronts across the province. Consequently, the area was provided the capacity to grow lager and wine deals into 450 supermarkets.

However, the deal is still in place and will remain in effect until 2025. This is probably because breaking it would cost a lot of money, reportedly in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

“A many individuals are of the misconception that The Lager Stores are claimed by the public authority. They aren’t. Ford stated, “I just don’t think that monopoly’s right.” They are owned by three massive beer companies, all of which are foreign, may I add.

Ford stated, “But I must be aware that there is a contract with The Beer Store.” We will be working with them.”

Regardless of the stalemate, Passage said his administration has extended liquor deals “enormously” during his time in office.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the commonplace government permitted cafés to sell liquor with food as a feature of a conveyance or takeout request, an action that has since been made long-lasting.

Additionally, dozens of 7-Eleven stores in southwestern Ontario have applied for liquor licenses, one of which was granted in Leamington the previous year.

Currently, approximately 225 grocery stores in Ontario can sell wine, and up to 450 grocery stores can sell beer and cider.

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