Do`s and don`ts after returning from office

Many of us lie down in bed without changing clothes because of tiredness but it is not right. It increases fatigue as well as mental fatigue. After returning from office, one should change one’s clothes first. Comfortable clothing must be worn. Choose loose clothing.

Wash your hands thoroughly. Take a bath if possible. Because going to and from the office, and various worries of work put pressure on the nerves, you will feel relaxed if you take a bath. Because taking a bath opens the mouth of the sweat glands. As a result, harmful substances or toxins are released from the body.

It reduces pain in the bones and joints of the body and increases blood circulation as well as constipation. Water should be poured on the body for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

What should be avoided—

Drinking soft drinks or syrups or teas with too much sugar.

Do not eat fried food.

Do not sit in front of the TV after returning from the office.

After freshening up you can read a book or newspaper while drinking green tea. You can listen to any favorite song if you want.

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