Cyber Attacks on Armed Forces and Parliament Websites

Taslima Jamal

The federal government is trying to recover from a cyber attack last week that an India-based hacker group claims has sowed chaos in Ottawa.

The federal government is trying to overcome the cyber attack that happened last week. An India-based hacker group claims they have sowed chaos in Ottawa. However, Canada’s Signals-Intelligence Agency said the attack did not put personal information at risk.

The attack is believed to have targeted government-controlled institutions. However, they are not core infrastructure managed by federal departments and agencies.

The Canadian Armed Forces said their website was down by mobile users at midday Tuesday. However, the problem was resolved within a few hours. The site is separate from government servers used by the Department of Defense and internal military networks. The cyber attack is still under investigation.
Canadian Armed Forces spokeswoman Andre-Anne Paulin said in a statement, “We have not seen any significant impact of this cyber attack on our systems.”

Defense Secretary Bill Blair confirmed that the incident was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Such attacks involve numerous bots on the website and cause the website to stop loading. Unfortunately, such incidents are all too common. But our cyber and security officers quickly resolved it. There have been some minor hiccups and more work is in progress to avoid this.

At the same time, DDoS attacks slowed down the loading of many House of Commons pages. Officials said loading started slowing down from September 25.

House of Commons systems have worked to protect our network and IT infrastructure, spokeswoman Amelie Crosson said in a written statement. Although some websites were not working for a short time. In collaboration with our partners, the IT support team at the House of Commons took mitigation measures and brought them back to normal. The IT team is still monitoring it.

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