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Bangladesh lags behind Sri Lanka-Nepal in world hunger index

Afroza Hossain

Last year Bangladesh was ranked 84th and India 107th out of 121 countries.

Bangladesh ranks 81st out of 125 countries on the World Hunger Index. Among neighboring countries, Nepal (69th) and Sri Lanka (60th) are ahead of Bangladesh. Pakistan ranks 102nd and India ranks 111th in the index. The 2023 World Hunger Index was published on the GHI website on Thursday. Every year Concern Worldwide and Welt Hunger Hilfe jointly produce this index.

Last year Bangladesh was ranked 84th and India 107th out of 121 countries. This time India has shown a strong reaction to this index as it has gone back by four steps. The country rejected the index. A score of zero on the World Hunger Index means there is no hunger in the country. And a score of 100 means the highest level of hunger. If the hunger index is between 10 and 19.9, the country is considered to be suffering from ‘moderate’ hunger.

Bangladesh scores 19 on the index, meaning Bangladesh suffers from moderate levels of hunger. The level of hunger in a country is determined by calculating the level of undernutrition, low weight for height of children under five, low height for age of children under five and infant mortality. These indicators are used to measure the level of hunger at any global, regional or national level. According to this year’s World Hunger Index, the level of hunger in at least 9 countries has reached ‘alarming’ levels. Its score is 35.1 to 49.9. These countries are Somalia, Burundi, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Yemen, Madagascar, People’s Republic of Congo, Lesotho and Niger.

The world’s least hungry countries in the index are – Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, China, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates And Uruguay.

Meanwhile, the Modi government rejected the index soon after it was published, saying it was systematically flawed and flawed. The country’s Ministry of Women and Child Welfare claims that the index measured malnutrition levels by surveying only 3,000 people, which is a flawed methodology. India’s government app says the country’s child malnutrition rate remains consistently below 7.2 percent. Political party Congress criticized, Modi government tried to avoid responsibility. The index shows India’s child malnutrition rate at 18.7 percent, the highest in the world. This calculation is based on the ratio of height to weight of children. Besides, the child mortality rate in the country under five years is 3.1 percent. 16.6 percent of people do not have enough healthy food. At the same time, among women aged 15 to 24 years, 58.1 percent suffer from anemia.

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