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9 lakh students are coming to Canada every year, thinking of reining in private college admissions

Arshad Khan

The influx of international students is steadily increasing in Canada.

The influx of international students is steadily increasing in Canada. That country’s immigration minister Mark Miller said in an interview that in 2023, that is the current year, about 9 lakh international students have come to Canada for higher education. The Immigration Department is concerned about this issue.

Canada’s educational standards are better than many other countries, so international students come to this country to get an education. Some study in public universities and nowadays a large number of students also come to private universities for their education. This resulted in a temporary, albeit temporary, increase in the rate of international migration.

Mark Miller fears the influx of millions of students into the country will also put pressure on housing allocations. Also, the immigration minister is worried about the overall system as so many students come to study in public and private universities. Bringing in foreign students has also become a profitable business.

As a result, fraud is going on in the name of admission or education in private universities. Some people are also getting a chance to enter Canada on the way. The Ministry of Security and Immigration of that country is concerned about all these issues. For those coming to study from abroad, public and private universities are earning 20 to 30 Canadian dollars per student. While some individuals earn money in honest ways, many cases of fraud are reported and this is a major concern for the Canadian administration.

The immigration minister also said that his concern is not about public universities. Mainly private colleges are sprouting up like frog umbrellas. And this is where cases like fraud and cheating occur. Minister Mark Miller also commented that the government is considering limiting the number of student approvals that come to Canada each year to ease the housing crisis. But, it is not possible to solve the problem as a whole. On the one hand, the crowd for higher education is increasing in Canada. On the other hand, from economic fraud to the housing crisis, the Canadian administration is facing multifaceted challenges.

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