We are committed to eradicating piracy from the Indian Ocean: Modi

Taslima Jamal

The Indian Navy has recently rescued the bulk ship MV Rouen and all its 17 sailors who were held by pirates for three months.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is committed to continuing the fight to protect the security of shipping lanes in the Indian Ocean and eliminate piracy and terrorism from these seas. He clarified India’s position on this issue in a return interview given to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev.

The Indian Navy has recently rescued the bulk ship MV Rouen and all its 17 sailors who were held by pirates for three months. Appreciating this success to the Prime Minister on Monday, X Bulgaria President Rumen Radev said, ‘Due to the brave operation of the Indian Navy, the rescue of the Bulgarian ship Rouen and its 7 Bulgarian crew and other crews has been possible. I am sincerely grateful to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.’

Responding to the expostulation of the President of Bulgaria, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a counter post, “The fact that the President of Bulgaria sent a message of greetings is really commendable. We are very happy to rescue the other crew including the 7 Bulgarian crew. India is determined to continue the fight to protect the freedom of safe navigation in the Indian Ocean and eradicate terrorism and piracy from there.”

Last December, MV Rouen left Malta for India on the Indian Ocean route with 37 thousand 800 tons of goods. On December 14, the ship was hijacked by Somali pirates. Since then they have been controlling the ship.

The Indian Navy took control of the bulk ship MV Rouen from Somali pirates on Saturday, March 16, after a 40-hour operation, rescuing the 17 crew members of the ship held hostage by the pirates. 7 of the crew are from Bulgaria, 9 from Myanmar and 1 from Angola.

Meanwhile, on the same day that the Indian Navy rescued the MV Rouen and its sailors from pirates, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Maria Gabriel said in a Facebook post on Saturday that she thanked the Indian Navy and the country’s government through her meeting with the Indian ambassador to the country, Sanjay Rana.

“The heroic action of the Indian Army led to the release of MV Rouen and all her crew. Heartfelt thanks to Indian Army. We learned that all the crew members are in good physical condition. The process of repatriating the Bulgarian citizens has started soon,’ said Maria Gabriel in a Facebook post.

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