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The Ottawa Government Increases Housing Asylum Seekers’ Funding by $212 Million

Afroza Hossain

Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser

The federal government is announcing an additional $212 million in funding for temporary housing for asylum seekers in Canada, with approximately $97 million going to Toronto.

The city has been seeing haven searchers and exile petitioners resting on the walkways, unfit to get a space in Toronto’s overpowered cover framework.

They are currently said to be temporarily housed at a Toronto church.

According to officials, the number of asylum seekers in Toronto’s shelter system increased by 500 percent in 20 months, forcing the city to redirect them to federal programs from at-capacity shelters.

The $157 million Toronto spends on its existing refugee shelters and on additional housing, shelter space, and staff has been requested by Mayor Olivia Chow of Ottawa.

The new funding, which was announced today by the minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship Sean Fraser, will ensure that people fleeing violence, war, and persecution can stay in Toronto and other cities.

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