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The housing crisis is reducing the opportunity to go to Canada on a student visa

Arafat Rahman

Canada has always been the top choice of students for higher education.

Canada has always been the top choice of students for higher education. The country also welcomes immigrants there. Due to which every year like stream of students from different countries are entering the country.

There is currently a severe housing crisis across Canada. This is a problem in all big and small cities. As a result, students are the most affected. Not being able to rent a house, many are forced to spend thousands of dollars and stay in hotels. Because of which some are now suffering financially. In this situation, the concerned people think that the opportunity to go to the country for student visa is decreasing.

The new semester is starting in the country’s universities this September. Students from different countries have already arrived in Canada to attend classes. Bangladeshi students are also among them.

Some students said that Bangladeshi students also have to stay in the hotel for a week or more. It is becoming difficult for students and families to bear the cost.

There has been a housing crisis in Canada for a long time. Canadian authorities have banned foreigners from buying houses for two years from January 1 instead of building new houses to solve the crisis.

Incidentally, the housing crisis in Canada is intensifying day by day; Economists blamed the influx of students and immigrants from different countries every year for this crisis. They say the country’s demand for housing is growing exponentially due to the millions of students and immigrants who come to Canada every year, but new homes are not being built in proportion.

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