Skilled Trade and Technology Week Proclaimed in Saskatchewan

Arafat Rahman

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed Sunday, October 30 until Saturday, November 5 as Skilled Trade and Technology Week in Saskatchewan. Supported by Skills Canada Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC), this week raises awareness of careers in the skilled trade and technology sectors. It aligns with National Skilled Trade and Technology Week proclaimed by Skills/Compétences Canada.

“Saskatchewan’s economy is growing, and skilled tradespeople are in high demand,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Not only does this week highlight the diverse opportunities available in the skilled trade and technology sectors, but it also presents an opportunity to celebrate those already building successful careers in these fields.”

Skills Canada Saskatchewan will host a Skills for Success Forum Thursday, November 3. Educators, parents, and skilled trade employers will gather to learn about and discuss the importance of Skills for Success. These skills: adaptability; collaboration; communication; creativity and innovation; digital; numeracy; problem solving; and reading and writing help people thrive in the workplace.

“We want students to recognize that their talents: creativity; problem solving; and working with their hands translate seamlessly to careers in the skilled trade and technology sectors,” Skills Canada Saskatchewan Executive Director Kevin Skauge said. “We also want them to understand that the skills they gain now will serve as a strong foundation for their future careers, which is why we’re promoting essential skills during the week.”

Educators can participate in Skilled Trade and Technology Week by inviting apprentices, journeypersons, or other industry representatives to deliver presentations to students. They can facilitate hands-on activities by accessing Skills Canada Saskatchewan’s in-class challenge kits and may also want to encourage students to register for the SATCC’s Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program. Students who participate in SYA complete 12 activities that enhance their understanding of apprenticeship and the skilled trades. Students who register as apprentices in Saskatchewan within five years of program completion receive 300 trade hours, plus the waiver of their apprenticeship registration fee and Level 1 technical training tuition.

“Now is the time to pursue a career in the skilled trades,” SATCC CEO Jeff Ritter said. “Industry representatives tell us they’re busy; they’re hiring; and they want hardworking people who are willing to learn. We’ve heard this from people working in different trades across a variety of sectors. If you think the skilled trades might be a fit, go for it.”

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