RCMP and Sovereign Area JFO capture 4 individuals in two separate examinations this week

Logan D Suza

Sovereigns Locale General Examination Segment directed a traffic stop and a pursuit of a home in Stratford that lead to 3 captures, and weapons and medications being seized.

As part of a drug investigation, the Queens District General Investigation Section stopped a car in Stratford on April 12, 2023. A woman and two men were taken into custody on possession charges with the intention of trafficking cocaine. Cocaine, methamphetamine pills, hydromorphone pills, drug stuff and weapons were seized. A court order was likewise executed at a home in Stratford where further medication dealing proof and weapons were seized.

The investigation is still going on.

The Sovereigns Region General Examination Area was helped by the Rulers Locale General Examination Segment, Charlottetown Police and the Sovereign Region Joint Powers Activities Unit.

As part of an ongoing investigation, the Prince District Joint Forces Operations (JFO) unit has seized money and drugs in Summerside, PEI.

Over three ounces of crystal methamphetamine, over a hundred hydromorphone tablets, cocaine, speed tablets, and other drug trafficking paraphernalia were seized by the Prince District JFO Unit on April 11, 2023.

This examination is continuous.

Members of Kensington Police Services, Summerside Police Services, and the Prince District RCMP make up the drug unit in the Prince District JFO. The arrest was made with the aid of the Summerside Major Crime Unit.

The Prince District JFO Unit can be reached at 902-436-9300, and the Queens RCMP can be reached at 902-368-9300, if anyone has information about illegal drug or firearm activity.

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