Probable date of Eid announced in Pakistan

Abdur Rahman Khan

Pakistan Meteorological Department has announced the probable date of Eid.

Pakistan Meteorological Department has announced the probable date of Eid. According to the agency, there is a high possibility of seeing the moon of the month of Shawwal on Tuesday, April 9 in the country. As a result, Eid will be celebrated on April 10.

Pakistan Meteorological Department has also informed that Eid moon will be born on April 8 at 11:21 PM. Next day the moon will be 19 to 20 hours old. The moon will remain in the sky for at least 50 minutes after dusk on that day.

On April 9, the sky will be clear in all parts of Pakistan except northern areas.

The moon of the holy month of Ramadan was sighted on March 11 in Pakistan. Then the month of fasting starts from March 12. As a result, if the moon rises on the night of April 9, then there will be 29 days of fasting in the country.

All the people of the world celebrate Eid after a month of fasting. Allah Almighty has given Eid for His servants because they fasted hard in Ramadan. On this day everyone spends the day happily with family and friends.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabic calendar. Although Arabic calendar has 12 months like English calendar. But because the months depend on the rise of the moon, the Arabic years rotate.

This year, Eid has started from March 11 in most countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. According to the Middle East-based International Astronomical Society, this year Eid may be on April 10 in this region. That means there will be 30 fasts. And if this happens then Saudi and Pakistan will have Eid on the same day.

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