Why is there so much injustice towards Muslims, Modi asked

Arafat Rahman

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clarified his position on the comments made about Muslims as “infiltrators” and “they have more children”. In an interview to a national media on Tuesday, Modi said that he was not only talking about Muslims. Rather, he spoke about every poor family.

This Prime Minister of India also said, “He does not do Hindu-Muslim politics. The day he does, he will be unfit to live in public life.” I don’t work for vote bank. I believe in the development of all together.

“I am surprised. Who told you that whenever someone talks about more children, the target must be Muslim? Why so much injustice to Muslims? This situation also happens in poor families. Where there is poverty, there are more children. Whatever social circle it is. I did not mention either Hindu or Muslim. As I said, one should only have as many children as one can raise. Don’t let a situation arise where the government has to take responsibility for your children.”

Referring to the situation after the Godhra riots when he was the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi said that the opposition had ruined his image among Muslims after the 2002 (Godhra riots).

He said, “This issue is not about Muslims. No matter how supportive Muslims are of Modi, there is a thought running through their minds that tells them to do this, do that. In my house, I have all Muslim families around me. Eid is also celebrated in our house. Other festivals are celebrated in our house. Food is not cooked in our house on Eid day. Food comes to my house from all Muslim families. We were taught to walk under the Tazia when Muharram begins. I grew up in that world. Even today I have many Muslim friends. After 2002 (Godhra riots) my image was tarnished.”

In response to a question whether Muslims will vote for him in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in the country, he said, “People of the country will vote for me.” The day I start the day as a Hindu-Muslim, I will lose my ability to live in public life. I will not do Hindu-Muslim politics. That’s my commitment.”

Earlier, at a rally in the country’s Rajasthan state, Narendra Modi alleged that the Congress wanted to take away people’s gold and property and distribute it to “those who have more children”. Later, several other opposition parties including the Congress complained to the Election Commission, objecting to the speech. In this regard, Modi said, Congress will conduct a survey and according to that they will not leave even women’s mangalsutra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi filed his nomination papers from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. He is fighting from that seat to come to the power of the country for the third consecutive term. The Prime Minister of India has expressed hope that he will win there with a huge majority.

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