The Taliban is bringing back the practice of stoning women

Arafat Rahman

The life of women has become a closed door in Afghanistan.

The life of women has become a closed door in Afghanistan. They are living a miserable life under the shackles of subjugation under the Taliban regime. Women have been detained by new fatwas. Banning everything from education. This time, the Taliban government also brought back the practice of stoning women. They will be stoned to death as punishment for adultery.

Hibatullah Akhundzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban, made this announcement in an audio message broadcast on state TV last Saturday (March 23). The Guardian.

In a video obtained by the Telegraph, Akhundzada said that the international community’s advocacy for women’s rights is against Sharia. You say that stoning to death is a violation of women’s rights. But we will soon execute the punishment for adultery. We will flog the women in public. We will stone them to death in public. He also said that the Taliban’s work is not finished with the capture of Kabul, it is only the beginning. Human rights activists have expressed anger at his statement. According to them, the Taliban government is able to take such steps because the international community is silent.

Safia Arefi spoke about this. She is a lawyer and heads the Afghan human rights organization Women’s Window of Hope. According to her, the announcement is taking Afghan women back to the darkest days of Taliban rule in the 1990s. He said, “Now no one is standing by them (women) to save them from the punishment of the Taliban.” The international community wants to remain silent on the violation of women’s rights.

Sahar Fetrat, an Afghan researcher at Human Rights Watch, said: ‘Two years ago, they didn’t have the courage to stone women to death in public; Now they will too. They have tested their strict policies one by one and it has reached this point because there is no one to blame for their abuse.

Incidentally, since the Taliban came to power in 2021, women in Afghanistan have faced many challenges. Women in the war-torn country have no access to education, employment and public spaces. According to a young student, marriage is the only future for girls in many families in the country. Desperation is widespread among them. In the last two years, the suicide rate of girls has increased a lot. It’s sad.’

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