On winter roads, the Manitoba RCMP conduct patrols and checkpoints to discourage bootlegging

Patrick D Costa

The Manitoba North District RCMP carried out a program along winter roads from March 10 to March 12, 2023, to disrupt and discourage the bootlegging of alcohol and other illegal goods into many northern communities.

Patrols were carried out by RCMP personnel from Wabowden, Cross Lake, Norway House, the North District Crime Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST), Traffic Services, and the Roving Traffic Unit along Highway 373, the winter roads that lead to Island Lake, God’s Lake Narrows, and the communities that are associated with them.

The initiative resulted in a significant amount of liquor being seized, including 26 bottles from a single vehicle. In addition, 75 tickets were issued for various violations of the Highway Traffic Act, and four warrants of arrest were issued, one for an impaired driver and one for cannabis trafficking.

The RCMP of Manitoba has pledged to collaborate with First Nation communities that have enacted bylaws prohibiting the sale and possession of alcoholic beverages and have requested that enforcement be prioritized. In accordance with the expressed wishes of community leadership, these enforcement actions will continue.

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