New Permanent Residence Online Application Portal for authorized representatives

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will launch a new Permanent Residence Online Application Portal (PR Online Application Portal), enabling authorized (paid) immigration representatives to submit permanent residence applications (non-Express Entry) online on behalf of their clients. Following the soft launch and initial testing of the minimal viable product for clients only in March 2021, the PR Online Application Portal will be available to authorized representatives by September 2021.
Representatives will be able to use the PR Online Application Portal to manage online applications from a single account for multiple clients for permanent residence application streams, which have been paper-based. Paper applications will remain available for those who need an accommodation. The PR Online Application Portal will not be connected to the Authorized Paid Representative Portal.
To create a PR Online Application Portal account, representatives will need to provide information, including their membership ID number, business address and name, and they will need to upload a valid copy of an identity document (a valid passport, driver’s license or permanent residence card).

Guidance for immigration representatives
When the PR Online Application Portal becomes available, representatives must enter and confirm their client’s email address, and an automatic email will be sent to their client notifying them that a permanent residence application has been started on their behalf. The representative will then select the program that their client is applying under, fill out the forms (digital and PDF formats) and upload the supporting documentation, including a copy of the payment receipt for application fees.
Note that forms requiring a third-party signature (for example, family class sponsorship forms or other forms requiring a sponsor’s signature) must be printed and signed by hand by both the principal applicant and sponsor, then an electronic copy showing the signatures must be uploaded. The same applies to the Use of a Representative (IMM 5476) form (PDF, 2.2 MB).

Guidance for clients
Once the representative has filled out the application, the client will need to log in to the client side of the portal, using their own credentials, to review and electronically sign the declaration and consent form. Clients should review and sign the declaration only when the application is completed. The representative will then be able to submit it on their behalf.
Note that, except for the signatures on the declaration and consent page and the IMM 5669 form, the client will not be able to make any changes to their application.

Returned applications
Applications that are incomplete or returned for other reasons (for example, the number of applications accepted is limited, or the client is ineligible) will be automatically returned through the PR Online Application Portal. For incomplete applications, representatives will be able to resubmit the application with the complete forms or required supporting documents.

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