Liberals make big climate promises – but fail to deliver big changes

Patrick D Costa

NDP Climate Change and Environment Critic Laurel Collins made the following statement:

“The climate crisis has devastated Canadians – historic droughts, heatwaves and flooding have destroyed communities and livelihoods. People are looking to the government to be climate leaders and take action against the worsening crisis instead of maintaining the status quo.

Right now, Germans are facing an extreme situation – Russia is using energy policy as a weapon, but the German government is taking steps to protect regular people from energy shortages and increasing bills. While they’re making bold investments to transition into a clean energy future – Canada is lagging behind.

Now more than ever, it’s critical the Liberals take action at a global level. While the clean hydrogen deal with Germany is a welcomed first step, it’s important for us that Canada transition towards clean energy beyond this partnership. But the Liberals’ have a track record of broken promises and climate inaction.

While other countries have begun a needed transition for our futures, the Liberal government bought a pipeline, approved Bay du Nord, increased oil exports and production, and have only continued to give billions of dollars each year in subsidies to Canada’s biggest emitters – rich oil and gas corporations.

Beyond hydrogen energy projects, the Liberal government could be doing more to help our allies outside of ramping up fossil fuel production – they could deploy heat pumps in Europe, increasing the energy efficiency of building heating and reducing gas demand.

New Democrats know that Canada must be a partner in international clean energy projects but also drastically change our climate approach to protect future generations. We will keep fighting for the Liberals to take real and urgent action by ending fossil fuel subsidies and making sure they follow through on their commitments to cap oil and gas emissions. We cannot wait years for the Liberals to finally follow through on their promises.”

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