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Justin Trudeau left India after 48 hours of being stranded

Taslima Jamal

He had to leave India 48 hours after the scheduled time.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally left India. He had to leave India 48 hours after the scheduled time. Recently, after the G20 summit, the special plane that was supposed to leave India with him had a mechanical fault. Then he got stuck in India for two days. This information is available in a report of NDTV.

According to the report, Trudeau had to return to the hotel after the plane suffered a mechanical fault on Sunday (August 10) afternoon. He was then waiting for an alternate flight. However, the second flight was scheduled to land at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport on Monday (August 11) but later diverted to the UK.

However, in the meantime, the first plane was cleared of defects and sent to his country by the Prime Minister of Canada.

Earlier, Trudeau’s office reported that the Canadian Prime Minister’s special plane had mechanical problems. Trying to fix it as soon as possible. For this reason, a back-up plane from Canada is going to India with spare parts. It will try to fix the plane. However, if it is not fixed, Trudeau and his delegation will return home on the backup plane.

The report also said that Trudeau’s visit to India this year was not very smooth. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alleged that anti-Indian terrorists are being allowed to protest in Canada. Modi is talking about pro-Khalistan protests here.

Besides, Trudeau’s national security adviser feels that India is interfering in Canada’s internal affairs.

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