Jan Times, an online magazine for Afghan women

Syed Azam

Zahra Nader, an Afghan woman living in Canada, publishes an online magazine called “Jan Times”.

Zahra Nader, an Afghan woman living in Canada, publishes an online magazine called “Jan Times”. Apart from women living in Afghanistan, Afghan women in other countries of the world are working in it.

Since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021, many of the rights of women have been curtailed. In this situation, Zahra Nader launched “Jan Times” in August 2022 to highlight the situation of women there.

While in Afghanistan, 34-year-old Zahra worked as a journalist in various media including the New York Times. Then moved to Canada to do Ph.D. The Taliban had not yet seized power when he left the country. “I felt a responsibility to help the girls and women of my motherland,” said Zahra.

He said that Afghan women journalists from the country and outside the country work in his magazine. “Few female journalists in Afghanistan collect local information. It is very dangerous for them to work. They send reports on issues that the Taliban do not want to hear. Such as LGBT, human rights, domestic violence or child marriage. There is much to report. There is a lot of injustice,” said Zahra.

The magazine is published in Persian and English languages. “It is very dangerous to report on things that do not match the Taliban’s propaganda,” Zahra said. Our local colleagues have to be more careful. They write under pseudonyms and leave the room after talking to us. They don’t know each other. They only have acquaintances with colleagues abroad.”

Zahra started the magazine with the money she saved. That is why they had to work without pay in the beginning. But now they are getting scholarships and donations. Zahra said, “We want to make people aware. I want to teach them to think.”

He said that apart from the women of Afghanistan, Afghan women who are refugees in different countries of the world read his magazine.

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