Afghanistan tops the list of asylum applications in France, Bangladesh second

Logan D Suza

Afghanistan tops the list of asylum applications in France, Bangladesh second

In France’s preliminary asylum statistics for 2023, the highest number of applicants came from Afghanistan, a country ruled by the Taliban. Bangladesh is on the second position in this list. A total of 1 lakh 42 thousand asylum applications were submitted in the country last year.

This information is known from a report of Ofpra, the French office for refugees and stateless persons. According to Ofpra, a total of 8,600 Bangladeshis have applied for asylum in France in 2023.

Afghan asylum seekers are at the top for the sixth time in a row. According to statistics from the French asylum office, Afghans are still at the top of asylum applications in 2023. They have submitted more than 17 thousand 500 applications. In 2022, France approved about 68.9 percent of Afghanistan’s foreign aid applications.

Ofpra said asylum applications in France rose by 8.6 percent last year compared to 2022. Out of the total number of applications registered in 2023, more than one lakh 36 thousand 700 applications have been decided. Out of which about 33 percent applications got positive decision. This rate is at least four percent higher than in 2022.

In addition, 8,500 applications came from asylum seekers from Türkiye. As a result, Türkiye is in the third position and the fourth country is Congo. Citizens of Guinea, another African country, are at number five with 7,000 applications.

In 2022, Ofpra issued decisions on a total of 134,500 asylum applications, including applications from the previous year

OFPRA’s permanent offices located in the Paris region, 18 special operations in various French cities, 11 operations in administrative regions outside the French mainland enable OFPRA to decide on such a large number of applications.

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