Canada is strict on student visas, what should Bangladeshis do?

Sathia Kumar

He also said – this number is 35 percent less than the number of foreign students allowed to enter in 2023 last year.

Canada is one of the most attractive countries to study and live in for able students from developing and least developed countries in the world. Millions of students from different countries of the world visit Canada every year. Go Sylhet students too. This rate has increased in the last few months.

Sylhetis dream of Europe more than other regions of the country. Last year, Sylhet was forced to go to the European country of Canada as it announced to take more than 450,000 immigrants. In the last 6 months, hundreds of thousands of students, youths, youths and all ages have migrated from Sylhet. However, those who are currently going have to face two big problems. They are two – housing and work.

Last Monday (January 22), Canada’s immigration minister Mark Miller said in a press conference, “Recently, several signboard-owned educational institutions have been established in Canada. The government has no contact with these institutions. Besides, the institutes are not following any of the policies of the government regarding education, campus, student facilities and they are charging extra fees from the students. This cycle of fraud needs to stop.

He also said – this number is 35 percent less than the number of foreign students allowed to enter in 2023 last year. However, this restriction is not permanent. This system will continue till next 2 years. And in the current year (year 2024), Canada has decided to grant admission to a maximum of 360,000 students.

The admission of 3.5 lakh students is good news for the youth of Sylhet, but the newly arrived Sylhet residents are in trouble due to the shortage of housing and work in the country.

A young man from Sylhet named Ariful Haque went to Canada last month on a study visa. Already fell into housing crisis. He lives in a mess in the city of Toronto with a rent of about 70 thousand Bangladeshi taka per month. He said – if you rent a whole house, you have to count 2 thousand Canadian dollars. Which is like 1 lakh 80 thousand taka in Bangladeshi taka. And home means – a bedroom, a small kitchen and a bathroom. As a result, Sylhet people who go to that country with their families are in a lot of trouble.

Another person from South Surma named Maruf Hasan said that it is very difficult to get a job in Canada now. Even the students who are staying here after graduation are not given work permit. As a result, many have to bring money from the country (home). But if you struggle for 3-4 months, job opportunities are created or found.

In this situation, immigration experts have given some suggestions for Sylhets staying in Canada. Among these 3 important suggestions are-

1. Those who are going to study in Canada should pay attention to the selection of educational institutions before going. Schools in Ontario and British Columbia will be very competitive, so students can try places other than these two provinces.

2. In the case of selection of educational institutions, inquiries should be made. In that case reputed educational institutions should be chosen.

3. Those who want to stay in Canada after completing their studies, should start working with a work permit after finishing their studies at the right time. In other words, it will be very difficult to stay in Canada if you leave your studies and pursue work.

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