Why people are leaving Canada?

Manjit Sing

The trend of leaving Canada is increasing.

Despite being the neighbor of the richest country in the world, Canada cannot retain its citizens. So many facilities, still Canadians are not satisfied in their own country.

When people want to go to Canada for a better life, the citizens of that country are migrating to other countries – continents.

Canada is the land of dreams. Migrating to the industrialized country is the dream of many. But now living in Canada is like a nightmare. So the citizens are leaving the country. Immigrants who sought refuge in Canada in the hope of a better life are also leaving the country in droves.

In a new study, such sensational information is provided by the statistical agency Stats-Texas Canada. More than 15 percent of those who immigrated to the country left Canada within 20 years. Statistics Canada has published such a report based on data collected for 35 years from 1982 to 2017.

Now the question is, precisely who and why are they leaving the country. It is reported that more than 25 percent of immigrants from countries such as Taiwan, the United States, France, Hong Kong and Lebanon have returned to their home countries within 20 years of entering Canada.

They no longer want to stay in Canada because of opportunities to travel, work and study in the motherland. However, there are other reasons behind leaving Canada.

One of the biggest reasons is the rising cost of living in Canada. To many immigrants, Canada is a three-star hotel. But the cost is like five star hotel.

In addition, many people are leaving North America due to issues such as not being able to integrate into the labor market, death of relatives in their own country, unfavorable climate, not being able to adapt to the language and culture.

An average of 2 to 3 million immigrants enter Canada each year. As of 2021, more than half of the population was born in another country. But in 2022, a record number of people entered Canada, the highest since 1957. If this trend continues, Canada will have to rely on immigrants for population growth in the coming decades.

Statistics Canada estimates that as of 2016, nearly 4 million Canadians were living in another country. Even if they pay taxes according to the rules, they cannot vote in provincial elections. Also deprived of benefits like health care.

Now, analysts are looking into the possibility of how these Canadians can be used for the benefit of the country.

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