I am a woman, are you a flower or a thorn?

Arafat Rahman

I am a woman, are you a flower or a thorn?

He is about 20 years old. Always adhere to the screen. She has all the qualifications to be a so called house wife. He spends his days in the corner of the house in a remote area of ​​Manikganj district. But calming the mind outside the house is the ceremony of green. A fake smile remains on the face of the girl imprisoned in the four walls. He smiles very rarely, he is busy hiding himself.

Can you identify people by looking at Facebook posts? Let’s talk about a sister. Very active on Facebook. If you look at the post, it seems that you are always in a chill mood. If you talk to him again, you are bound to laugh.

Also working. Lives in Dhaka.

Another sister lives abroad. What a beautiful life he has in Malta. Just seeing the post on Facebook makes me feel greedy. Traveling in beautiful places, working. Each reel has a minimum of 2,000 views.

The lives of the above three people are completely different. Social status is also different. But they have two things in common. Firstly they are women, secondly they are divorcees. The fault of all three women – they could not keep the house of the husband light. Whose fault, why the divorce? Society does not seek this answer. But women are criminals in society’s eyes. The judgment of the society is that the palm tree is mine. All three people are fighting against society.

The girl in Manikganj is trapped in her house. Their economic condition is not very good. This aunt told me that the younger brother also listens. And the neighbors started getting there. I can’t look up and talk to anyone. Two to three marriage proposals come in a month. Go in front of people. One question for everyone, why is it divorced? His life is stopped by only one negative question.

If you talk to your aunt in Dhaka, you will not understand how much sadness is in her heart. He told me to walk safely with the person next to me. Want to take that opportunity. Divorced woman…

Apu’s life in Malta is also miserable. He said, mother calls and cries and says you need to get married. There is a uncle whom I have never seen in a good time. Ever since my divorce, my parents have been trying to be their own. According to him, the girl lives alone abroad, she is also divorced. It’s a shame. You have to listen to so much that you forget the way of the country.

Let’s talk about you again. Lives in Malaysia. Studied in government university. One day he became a victim of horrible torture. There is news in the media too. It is also a movement. Society gave her name, Darshita. According to you, after this incident, everyone has only one question, how did it happen? Trying to take the story to one side. As if they are too busy to start looking for fantasy from the story. A neighbor also told my mother that this would happen if she wears jeans.

Let me tell you a short story. He was a fourth year student at the time of the rape. Only the final exam is left. He moved away from the university to escape the mental pain. He was imprisoned in the house for two years. I had to go to the psychiatrist regularly. After that, with the help of teachers, he completed honors in Corona. Moved to Malaysia for Masters. Apu said, I am a victim of torture. But fearing harsh words, we rented our own house and stayed 32 kilometers away. So that you don’t have to listen to the nonsense of people you know.

Apu has been in Malaysia for almost four years now. There he married a Bangladeshi and got a house. Apu said, it has been a few years since this incident in my life. How far is it from the country today? However, it seems that someone is holding his face from behind.

telling you Yes, you. The girl next to you might be fighting too. He talks about equal rights. Well, aren’t you the obstacle to the fight of the relative or stranger next to you? You don’t even think about it, maybe without realizing it, you are the thorn in the path of the woman next to you or far away. Please don’t be a thorn, even if it’s not a flower. Happy Women’s Day.

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