Dear Socrates and our destiny

Patrick D Costa

Dear Socrates and our destiny

Socrates did not write poetry. He did not like to write books. Crito, Plato, and Xenophon would stare at his unsightly, grim-faced face—listening with deep interest to what he had to say. They answered Socrates’ difficult questions in simple language. Keeping the moon-sun-stars of the sky as a witness, he used to say that knowledge resides in the midst of ignorance and conscience and consciousness are awakened only by being burdened with questions. He spoke of the evil and adverse effects of injustice, lawlessness and arbitrariness. He spoke about the mysteries of life, morality, humanity and values. He used to say that people die, but achievements, achievements and values ​​never die.

Kale, these are his Kale. Returning from the Peloponnesian War, the outspoken truth-telling warrior hero is given a death warrant – the death sap of hemlock is handed to him. Before embracing death with a cup of poison in hand, he said to his beloved disciples and other Athenians, ‘The hour of my departure has come.

We’re going our separate ways – I’m running towards death and you’re living. Which of these two is better, only God knows better!’

The true philosophers of today think, speak, and write. Sometimes he screams and screams. Some hear, some don’t, even if they hear, they don’t understand, don’t obey. Plato and Crito are not with them today. There is no one to absorb their words and spread them. They have no establishment, they have no establishment at the entrance of the city. Their wandering in public, on the streets, in book fairs is neglected, unwanted or inappropriate.

Freethinking is now a golden deer. Politicians, socialists, intellectuals, bureaucrats are now worshipers of money and wealth, worshipers of power, worshipers. They are now the sole intellectuals, preachers, orators and writers of the society. No one has the chance to become a Socrates in a time of tyranny, ignorance, and power. Today’s Plato and Crito also despise the knowledge and method of Socrates, in the hope of positions and medals, the position of power!

Dear Socrates, may your knowledge, simplicity and questioning be well beyond! And our future? Only God knows better!

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