EC prohibits the use of one’s computer by another to prevent fraud

Arafat Rahman

EC prohibits the use of one’s computer by another to prevent fraud

The Election Commission (EC) has issued instructions at the field level to ensure that one official’s computer cannot be used by another official to prevent forgery of the National Identity Card (NID).

On Monday (February 19), NID Branch System Analyst Mohammad Ariful Islam sent the directive to all regional, district and upazila election officials.

As mentioned in the instructions, in case of correction of NID, Regional Election Officers of ‘C’ Category, Senior District/District Election Officers of ‘B’ Category, Upazila/ Thana Election Officers of ‘A’ Category resolve the application for correction of those officers’ Card Management System (CMS). Account is very sensitive.

Regional Election Officers, Senior District/Zilla Election Officers, Upazila/Thana Election Officers are requested to ensure that no other officer or employee of the office does any work on their computers or laptops so that the CMS account of those officials is not compromised. done Officers must keep computers locked with complex passwords and must lock computers before leaving the desk.

Besides, it should be checked whether any unauthorized software or service is running on the computer of regional election officer and the computer of senior district/district election officer. Unnecessary software and services should be stopped if necessary. If necessary, refresh the computer with a new operating system and use CMS on that computer.

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