Pakistan has dropped 11 points in the Global Democracy Index

Patrick D Costa

Pakistan has dropped 11 points in the Global Democracy Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) index, a body of the British daily The Economist, has dropped 11 places to name Pakistan as an autocratic country. In a report on Friday, this information was given by the country’s media Geo News.

Since 2006, EIU has been conducting this index based on the democratic environment of 165 countries and two regions of the world. The index is based on five criteria—electoral processes and multiparty systems, government performance, political culture, and civil rights.

Based on these five criteria, there are four categories in the EIU index: full democracy, flawed democracy, mixed democracy, and autocracy.

The index has been prepared considering these criteria. According to The Economist, a country with an average score above 8 is a full democracy, 6 to 8 is a flawed democracy, 4 to 6 is a mixed democracy, and below 4 is an autocracy.

Pakistan’s score in EIU’s 2023 index is 3.25 points, which is 88.88 points lower than the previous year’s 2022. That is why in 2022 where Pakistan was in the row of mixed democracy, in 2023 that Pakistan has come down to the list of autocratic countries.

In a related report, the EIU said that the independence of the country’s judiciary has shrunk in line with the increase in election rigging and government inefficiency over the past year.

The EIU index is based on 165 countries in the world, 28 of which are in the Asia-Pacific region. Among these 28 countries, Pakistan is the only country that has moved from a mixed democracy to an autocracy.

Even when the index was launched in 2006, the country scored worse than the score it had in 2023. Pakistan’s score in 2006 was 3.92.

Bilal Mehbub, an official of Pakistan Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT), a Pakistani think tank, called the result of EIU “disappointing” and said, “This result is very disappointing.” This is the first time since 2017 that Pakistan has scored so low. In other words, the current state of democracy in Pakistan is worse than the military regime.

Incidentally, in 2006, Pakistan was under military rule. At that time the president of the country was General Pervez Musharraf.

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