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During a record-breaking wildfire season, Ottawa will present a climate change plan

Taslima Jamal

Canada’s plan to make communities more resilient to climate change is coming Tuesday.

Tuesday will see the release of Canada’s plan to strengthen communities’ resistance to climate change.

It is anticipated that the final version of the national adaptation strategy will be similar to the draft that was released in the fall of last year. The draft included goals to strengthen resistance to wildfires, extreme heat, and major storms like hurricanes.

This includes measures to keep people safe from extreme heat, up-to-date flood maps for high-risk areas, and public education about the particular risks that people in their own communities might face.

Over the course of the past seven months, the federal government held discussions with the provinces and territories to gain their support for the plan, which calls for collaboration between all levels of government.

The plan is being implemented at a time when Canada is experiencing its worst ever wildfire season. On Monday, the country set a new record for the most land lost to fire in a single year in less than six months.

The adaptation plan received new funding from Ottawa in the amount of $1.6 billion in the fall, and today’s announcement is anticipated to provide additional funding.

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