Canada’s new law to regulate social media

Taslima Jamal

Canada’s new law to regulate social media

Canada to introduce new law to force tech platforms to remove ‘harmful’ content online Initiatives have been taken to ensure the safety of children, especially on social media. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government on Monday introduced the law called ‘The Online Harms Act’. If this law is passed, the tech companies will be obliged to delete various content as per the government’s instructions. Apart from this, the provision of punishment for spreading ‘hate’ online has also been made.

Al-Jazeera reported that under the law, Canadians can request the removal of any content within 24 hours. Before that content will be reviewed. The Canadian government has also announced the content that will be removed. These are content that is created without the consent of another, that promotes hatred, that promotes terrorism and extremism, that incites violence, that attacks a child, and that causes harm to a child.

The Canadian government will establish a new digital safety commission to ensure these issues. Trudeau has announced that if any ‘harmful’ information is disseminated on any social media, then that company will be held responsible for it. Web giants have long failed to keep children safe online, he said.

This has a disastrous consequence.

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