Bangladesh’s decline in global democracy index

Arshad Khan

Bangladesh’s decline in global democracy index

The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) of The Economist magazine based in London, UK has published the 2023 Global Democracy Index. In the index compared to the previous year, Bangladesh has deteriorated by two steps. The EIU released this index on Wednesday after reviewing the democratic situation of 165 countries and two regions of the world.

The intelligence unit’s index is based on five criteria — electoral processes and multiparty systems, government performance, political culture and civil rights. This index is created on the basis of 10 scores by evaluating the democracy situation of 165 countries and two regions of the world.

Considering these criteria, the index has been created in four categories – full democracy, flawed democracy, mixed democracy and autocracy. According to The Economist, a country with an average score above 8 is a full democracy, 6 to 8 is a flawed democracy, 4 to 6 is a mixed democracy, and below 4 is an autocracy.

According to EIU, Bangladesh ranks 75th in the 2023 index with a score of 5.87. In 2022, 2021 and 2020, Bangladesh was in the list of mixed democracies with a score of 5.99 in this index. Bangladesh’s score was 5.57 at the 88th place in the same index in 2019.

The British magazine first published the Global Democracy Index in 2006. Bangladesh’s score that year was 6.11. 5.52 in 2007, 5.87 in 2008, Bangladesh’s score was the same for the next three years; 5 decimal 86.

In this index, Norway is at the top as last time with a score of 9.81. New Zealand ranks second in this year’s index as in 2022. The country’s score is 9.61. Finland is in third place with a score of 9.45. It is followed by Sweden (4th) with a score of 9.39, Finland in fifth (score 9.30), Denmark in 6th (score 9.28), Ireland in 7th (score 9.19), Switzerland in 8th (score 8.99). , the Netherlands is ninth (score 9.00) and Taiwan is tenth with a score of 8.92.

In the first democracy index published in 2006, Bangladesh’s position was in the list of flawed democratic countries. Bangladesh’s score that year was 6.11. The following year, the democratic situation further deteriorated and Bangladesh entered the list of mixed democracies. Since then, Bangladesh has been a country of mixed democracy according to the Economic Intelligence Unit.

Last year was “an ominous year for democracy” around the world, the report said. Last year, the global average score fell to the lowest level since the index began publication in 2006.

However, in this index of 2023, India is at the top among South Asian countries with a score of 7.41. The country’s position was 46th in 2022 but rose to 41st last year. Pakistan is at 118th place with a score of 3.25 in this list of 165 countries. Pakistan has deteriorated by 14 points in this index compared to last year.

Sri Lanka is ranked 70th with a score of 6.17. Last year the country was ranked 67th but this year it has deteriorated. Bhutan is ranked 81st with a score of 5.54, same as last year. The country was in the same position last year as well. And compared to last year, Nepal has risen to the 98th position by improving by two steps. The country’s score is 4.60.

On the other hand, war-torn Afghanistan is at the bottom of this list like last year. Myanmar, under a dictatorship, is ranked 166th. The country’s score is zero decimal 85. Apart from this, North Korea, an almost isolated Korean island from the world, is ranked 165th with a score of 1.08.

There is good news for democracy in the world, says the EIU. And that is the number of democratic countries in the world has increased by two to 74 in 2023. But the past year has not been auspicious for global democracy by other measures of the index. The average score on the Global Democracy Index fell to 5.23; Which was 5.29 in 2022.

According to a report by the Economic Intelligence Unit, almost half of the world’s population lives in some form of democracy. Which is about 45.5 percent. However, the number of people living in a fully democratic environment is only 7.8 percent of the world’s total population. This number is less than 8.9 percent in 2015. And more than one-third of the world’s population lives under mixed democratic regimes (39.4 percent).

This year’s index includes the United States as a flawed democracy, just like last year. The country is ranked 29th with a score of 7.85.

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