India is building a naval base in Lakshadweep to keep an eye on the Maldives and China!

Sathia Kumar

India is building a naval base in Lakshadweep to keep an eye on the Maldives and China!

The Indian government has decided to build a naval base at Agati and Minikoi islands in Lakshadweep. INS Jatayu Naval Base is being constructed at Minikoy. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh may inaugurate the naval base on March 4 or 5.

Distance from Minikoy INS Jatayu Naval base to Maldives is 524 km. Not only that, India is going to upgrade the airstrip at Agati Island. So that it can be used in fighter jets and heavy aviation. Besides, activities in Maldives and China can be observed directly.

Defense Minister of India can also board INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant during the inauguration of this naval base. In fact, Lakshadweep and Minicoy islands are in the Nine Degrees Channel. From where billions of rupees are traded every year. It is the trade route between North Asia and Southeast Asia.

15 warships will accompany Vikramaditya-Vikrant
When Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh departs for Minikoy Island in INS Vikramaditya or Vikrant, he will be accompanied by 15 other warships. Meaning the entire attacking fleet together. Through this, the whole world will get an idea about India’s naval power. A strong message will be sent to countries like the Maldives and China.

New airstrip at Minikoy
Apart from the upgradation at Agati, the Government of India has also decided to build a minicoy airstrip. Upgrading the airstrip of Agati Island. So that Indian forces can establish peace in India and the Arabian Sea. Beyond that we can maintain maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region. Sea borders will be secured and tourism will also be promoted.

Government of India has built a new infrastructure at Campbell Bay in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This infrastructure is being used by the country’s army. India’s maritime borders will be secure with strong deployments in the Andamans in the east and Lakshadweep in the west. Apart from this, tourism will also increase in the two islands.

People will feel safe while roaming here
Those who take these two main sea routes will not be able to hide. Once the naval base is built at Minikoi, the Chinese naval activities around the area will end. Besides, commercial ships going to Suez Canal and Persian Gulf have to pass through 9 degree channel i.e. Lakshadweep and Minicoy route. If a ship wants to go towards Sunda and Lombok Gulf, it has to pass through 10 degree channel i.e. Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In such a situation, both places should have strong security and surveillance squads. That can give a worthy reply to the enemy if necessary.

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